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Are you or your kids a fan of french fries, but are you aware that this is one of the least dietary foods in the world? So the problem did not come from the fries itself, but from the fact that it is full of oil, which is terrible for your body?

It is with this in mind that bigs kitchen machines and appliances manufacturers have come to the table to offer you real oil-free fryers that, while allowing you to find the real taste of the potato, offers improved cooking in all respects. Discover now the models that we have reserved for you!

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But today there are dozens of oil-free fryer models. What are their differences, and how do you choose the one that best suits your cooking style, the number of people at home, your brand preference, and your budget?

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Another essential thing to note to be able to choose is that oil-less fryers have evolved since the first models were released and that they can now make delicious fries as well as meat, fish, nuggets, and spring rolls. , vegetables, even whole chickens, following are Black Friday best seller for Air fryer in 2020, Here we have also Look at the best price on ninja air fryer

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The fries are traditionally cooked in an oil bath. It’s simple, but it involves having a large amount of used oil that must be specifically intended for cooking french fries. It is better to avoid cooking fries in cooking oil that has been used for fish, for example. The result is good, but the fries are fat: 15% fat in deep oil cooking.

A fryer without oil (or almost) will use a heating system ventilated very hot air (180 to 200 ° C) to cook and brown the fries. The result: crispy and soft fries with only 3% fat and an oil-less fryer (about 3g per 100g serving of french fries).

We were surprised by the quality of the fries produced by these devices. We expected fries without taste, and on the contrary, the taste of the potato is even more present. On the other hand, indeed, it is not 100% the same as fries immersed in oil. But surprisingly, the oil is a flavor enhancer; they are not less useful.

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