Best Mattress Black Friday and cyber Monday deals 2020

Having good bedding promotes sleep, mood, and reduces the risk of back pain or other muscle pain. There are a different amount of mattresses, from the most classic to the memory-shaped mattress. Each type of mattress has its pros and cons, but not everyone is suitable for everyone.

Best Mattress Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals 2020

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How to choose a mattress?

You must choose your mattress based on your weight, your favorite positions (to sleep), the ambient temperature, and the comfort expected.

Different types of mattresses may be grouped according to the kind of material and their use. There are currently three main types of mattresses:

  • Spring mattresses: they are known for their flexibility and elasticity. On the other hand, they are quite heavy and can become noisy over time. 
  • Latex mattresses: natural or synthetic, they are often hard, but flexible enough to be comfortable. However, some latex may be manufactured synthetically. The natural latex is obtained from the sap of the rubber and has the advantage of being very pleased because very elastic. Its density is generally between 65 and 85 kg/m3. Also, it is an excellent natural moisture regulator that can last for long years if well maintained.
  • Foam mattresses: these are the ones we have chosen in this selection because they are lightweight, easy to carry, and have several advantages over other models. The foam models are increasingly purchased because they are comfortable and relatively flexible thanks to their viscoelastic or memory-shaped foam. Those that are memory shaped are very popular because they adapt to the morphology of each according to the body’s heat. They are also sustainable models.
  • Water mattresses: they adapt to the curves of your body, but this is the danger: at the slightest movement of your partner, you may have a bad night. This type of synthetic material is not recommended for children, as it prevents breathing of the mattress (not to mention possible leaks if your cat passes by). On the other hand, they are usually coated with velvet so that your skin does not come into direct contact with the plastic, and they keep warm.
  • Medical mattresses: anti-mites or orthopedic, they are ergonomic and suitable for bedridden people. They include memory foam shaped models and are generally ideal for people who suffer from back problems. This type of bedding adapts to your morphology, and this is its main asset. They are usually more expensive but offer better comfort in the long run.
  • Air mattresses: The mattresses use as extra mattresses for camping, a lot, or going on holiday because they have the advantage of being easily transportable since they can be deflated. Daily, this type of mattress, on the other hand, is not very practical and can cause discomfort. After distinguishing the different types of mattresses, we looked at other features to refine our selection
  • Density is an important criterion because it defines the firmness of the mattress. The heavier the person who sleeps on the mattress, the denser the mattress should be. A mattress that is too firm is not pleasant to sleep in, and a model that is too soft will make your back suffer.
  • The filling: when we talk about the trim, we refer to the lining of the reception. This should be made preferably with natural fibres to which are added some synthetic fibres for proper resistance.
  • Dimensions: You have beds for one to two people or custom-made models. For two, the minimum size is 140 x 190 cm. Models that offer a length of 200 cm are more suitable for tall people or a couple. You finally have the King Size, a large mattress, ideal for if you need ample space to sleep.
  • Dust mites and anti-bacterial mattresses: For people with an allergic terrain, these mattresses are ideally suited because they are treated against insects and bacteria. You have, for example, natural latex, linen, silk, or bamboo fiber. The product used for the treatment may be lemon or lavender.
  • The maintenance of a mattress: You can ventilate your room a few minutes daily (to avoid mold in particular), vacuum at least once a month for dust, or turn over your mattress from time to time. To wash a mattress, you can use black soap or an ammonia-soaked cloth diluted in water. Allow drying thoroughly afterward. You can count on about ten years of longevity for the right quality mattress that has been well enough maintained.
  • Certifications: To avoid any risk of fire, be aware that some models are certified with the NF EN 597 standard. Finally, note that some mattresses change consistency when the temperature changes.

When two models were comparable in price and quality, we consulted many user reviews, as well as sites specializing in the field to separate them.

In the end, these analytical elements allowed us to elect six quality mattresses, adapted to different budgets and sleepers.

PS: We used the standard size 160 x 200 cm as a reference, ideal for a two-person bed, but other dimensions are available for all models presented.


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