best external ssd for gaming

Best external SSD for gaming

It is often quite common that when you want to run heavy and intense games, our computer cannot provide the best performance. To solve this problem, we’ve listed the best external SSDs for gaming. So in just a few steps, you can find the accessory that best suits your PC’s needs.

We’ve also taken into account the best user feedback to make sure you make the right choice. The result of this will be much faster games, and a PC with an optimized operation.


Which SSD is better for gaming?

To answer this question we must continue reading this review, as we have listed the best options available on the market today.

Is an external SSD worth it?

This type of device is worth it, as it provides greater speed, durability, and flexibility for all games. You’ll also save a lot of time and money as these memory units have an extended life span.

Do games run better on SSD?

Specifically, this type of memory can provide shorter boot times. Plus, you’ll be able to start up your game much faster, as well as your entire installation.

Can you run games off an external SSD?

A lot of games will work better if you have this type of device. Also, when it comes to heavy games, you will notice a faster game loading speed. In conclusion, it’s all about optimized performance.


  1. Samsung (MU-PA500B/AM)T5 Portable SSD – 500GB – USB 3.1 External SSD , Blue

To start with the good features of this option, a capacity of 500 gigabytes is offered. It also provides a very fast read and writes speed of up to 540 megabytes per second.  Therefore you will also have different types of USB cables. In addition, the optional password protection and hardware encryption is AES 256 bit.

  1. SanDisk 500GB Extreme Portable External SSD – Up to 550MB/s – USB-C, USB 3.1 – SDSSDE60-500G-G25

Another option available today is this memory with a capacity of 500 gigabytes. You will count on high speed in the transfers at your disposal. This means a reading speed of up to 550 megabytes per second. Therefore, you will be able to move high-resolution photos and videos in a very short time.

This unit is robust, as it manages to resist shock and vibration. It can also withstand dust and water, which increases its level of durability. At the same time, it is a compact, pocket-sized memory unit. You can use this device to optimize the operation of your PC.

  1. Seagate Barracuda Fast SSD 1TB External Solid State Drive Portable – USB-C USB 3.0 for PC, Mac, Xbox & PS4

In this case, we can mention that it is one of the most robust and efficient options. You will have a capacity of one terabyte in this portable unit. It is also one of the most suitable solutions for PC, Mac, PS4, and Xbox. The whole unit manages to provide a good level of durability, resisting vibrations, and shock.

It also combines reliable performance with high solid-state speeds. These speeds reach 540 megabytes per second for fast file transfers. In conclusion, it is one of the options recommended by a large number of users.

  1. Crucial 1TB X8 Portable SSD – Up to 1050MB/s – USB 3.2 – USB-C, USB-A

Another well-known option these days is this unit with a capacity of one terabyte. You will have an incredible level of performance with reading speeds up to 1050 megabytes per second. It is a memory unit compatible with Windows, iPad Pro, Chromebook, Mac, Android, Linux, Xbox, and PS4.

In addition, anodized aluminum has been used to provide a durable and highly resistant design. With a drop of 7.5 feet, this unit will not suffer any damage, even if exposed to extreme temperatures, other shocks, and vibrations.

  1. Seagate Game Drive for Xbox 500GB SSD External Solid State Drive, Portable USB 3.0

Last but not least, this 500-gigabyte capacity unit can optimize the performance of your Xbox. You will notice a much faster boot-up, no matter how intense the game is. It is a lightweight unit, and very resistant to shock and vibration. So it is one of the most recommended options for Xbox.


After analyzing each of these five options, you will get the best accessory for your games. In principle, you will notice an optimized start and overall performance of each of the more intense games. So, no matter if you are an experienced or inexperienced user, you will enjoy excellent results.

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