best fountain pen under 50

Best fountain pen under 50

Perhaps you are wondering what are the best elements for handwriting. If so, let me tell you that below you will find the best fountain pens on the market today.

In addition, we have selected the best quality options under $50. This way, you will avoid spending too much money and get excellent quality with the chosen object. Therefore your next writing will be much more efficient and comfortable.


Why fountain pens are the best?

On the one hand, anyone can write without exerting as much pressure as with pens. In addition, writing speed is much faster, as well as writing fatigue is much less.

Are expensive fountain pens worth it?

Fountain pens are usually somewhat expensive, however, they are worth it because of their features and advantages over other pens.

Why are fountain pens not allowed in airplanes?

In general, there is no law that forbids flying with fountain pens. However, this type of writing tool is often leaking. So if you carry it in your bag, you might find all the ink spilled.

Which is a better fountain pen or ball pen?

Fountain pens are ergonomically better. They also require less pressure to write with, compared to ballpoint pens. So the tip stays intact, while the ink drops efficiently so you can write.


  1. Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain 6 Pack Combo, 3 Black Pens, and 3 Blue Pens

To start with the best options available today, this package includes three black pens and three blue pens of excellent quality. These are fountain pens that are disposable and offer excellent writing.

So when you write, you’ll notice the convenience and ease of use. In addition, the advanced liquid ink system and the design of the pen tip ensure truly smooth writing.

  1. PILOT Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens, Medium Point Stainless Steel Nib, Black/Blue/Red/Pink/Green/Purple/Turquoise, 7-Pack Pouch

This second option of the same brand manages to offer smooth and elegant writing at all times. It is also a maintenance-free fountain pen.

The ink supply allows you to avoid writing with too much pressure. So it’s one of the best options since you’ll have a great variety of colors.

  1. PILOT Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen, Black Barrel, Classic Design, Medium Nib, Black Ink

In this case, this fountain pen offers a classic design and black ink. The medium tip, in combination with the ink system, will provide you with fast and smooth writing.

In addition, the brass barrel features stainless steel details. Therefore it is an elegant option, but also of excellent durability. Use this fountain pen for the most important writings.

  1. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen (17F) Umber + 5 Black Ink Cartridges

Another option available is this fountain pen that has the ability to provide proper, smooth, and versatile writing. It is a pen that includes 5 black ink cartridges, plus a blue ink cartridge.

Thanks to this, you will not run out of ink at any time of writing. Being a product made in Germany, durability, and quality is assured.

  1. Pilot V Pen (Varsity) Disposable Fountain Pen, Fine Point, Black Ink, Value Set of 10

Last but not least this set of 10 fountain pens can provide you with a simple and versatile writing style. Therefore, this is a set of 10 modern pens that do not require maintenance, as they are disposable.

Convenient and easy use is combined with a fine tip and black ink. In addition, the innovative liquid ink supply system prevents you from having to exert pressure when writing. In turn, the high-quality stainless steel tip offers a good level of durability and resistance.


To finish this article we can mention that by analyzing these 5 options, you will be able to improve your writing. This means having the right fountain pen so that your writing is much smoother and faster. You can always use one of these five options for those most important writings you need to do throughout the day.

We have also selected the options below $50, so you can avoid spending large amounts of money on a good fountain pen. We have also taken into account the best opinions of the users so that their opinion is accurate and appropriate.

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