Glass Vs Acrylic Aquariums (Fish Tank) – 2019 update

What is Difference between Glass and Acrylic Aquarium tank?


The glass is hardened to scratch. Scratching it more often requires a hard material and a significant amount of pressure. On the other hand, acrylic tanks get scratched easily. In spite of the best efforts of makers the pressing materials used to pack acrylic tubs will scratch the tank.

The container can be scratched, if it is mistakenly rubbed by the bag, jewelry, buttons, or sack when someone close passes by in the store.

The container can also be scratched when individuals are moving, packing, or unpacking it. The fishes of an acrylic aquarium can even scratch the tank themselves, on the off chance that they have any sharp paws, teeth, or shells.

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A glass tank will regularly weigh 4-10 times the amount of as an acrylic tank of the same volume. Acrylic tanks are lighter than glass tanks. Weight means on the off chance that you need to move an acrylic tank for unknown reasons, it will be significantly more easy to do so.

Weight additionally implies an acrylic tank possesses less strain on the structure that is supporting it than a glass tank will. Nonetheless, the importance of a whole container is merely the water and decorations, not only the tank, so you won’t spare a great deal of pressure by utilizing an acrylic tank as opposed to a glass one.

Glass Vs Acrylic Aquariums


The glass is inflexible and weak. Due to this, it is hard to make angle tanks from glass that are not boxy fit. Additionally, when the glass is bent, it tends to bend light, influencing things on the opposite side of the curved glass to seem bigger or smaller.

However, some glass tanks with curved sides are accessible now. Acrylic is effortlessly formed and framed into any shape that can portray. Due to these factors, acrylic aquariums are available in many ways – not merely rectangular.


The materials required to assemble a glass tank will be thicker than those needed to fabricate an acrylic tank. The tempered glass is thicker, even though it should not be as thick as non-tempered glass for a similar size of a container. Acrylic should not be as thick to support same amount water volume as glass does.


The Glass is less demanding to transport and requires less specific devices to work with, so glass tanks are inexpensive as compared to others. Cost isn’t really because the acrylic is superior to the glass, however, in some ways, it is. More frequently glass tanks are used because of the less transportation cost.

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